Scientific journal
Scientific Review. Philosophy


Kazakov M.Y. 1 Kutyrev V.A. 2
1 Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration
2 Department history methodology and philosophy of science UNN
This article discusses the process of forming a new «public sphere» in the online discourse. The author gives a general description of the content of the concept of «public domain». The article gives examples of using the Internet as a «public sphere» in modern The process of formation of a new «public sphere» in the online discourse is being studied. Author gives a general description of the content of the term «public domain» and its historical philosophical basis. The modern state of the public sphere and its specificity are being analyzed. The author believes that in today’s society «public domain» provides a free media space for communication between citizens. Author explores the role of the public sphere in the solution of important problems of Russian society as the development of the institution of civil dialogue and social solidarity. Examples of the use of the Internet as a «public sphere» in Russian society are being given, as well as the examples and characteristics of examples of networked public sphere for civil and humanitarian aid. It is proved that the new public sphere is formed within the modern Internet discourse because of the following properties of the Internet: decentralization, network structure, the lack of control to the state, as well unparalleled ease in becoming an active actor of the network.