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Scientific Review. Philosophy


Sabekiya R.B. 1
1 Sterlitamak Branch of Bashkir State University
The article carried a categorical analysis of the concept of “spirituality”, highlighted the essential features of spirituality in comparison with same order phenomena in various fields of human existence. Defined a broader concept in relation to which the concept of «spirituality» is private concept. The basic concept of spirituality reflects what ultimately serves God or the Absolute. Thereby, the spirituality defined as human ability to execute God`s idea convoluted in human soul. The purpose of work was detection content of concept «spirituality» in variuos spheres of human being: ontological, gnoseological, axiological, biopsychological, cultural-historical, social. In every sphere of the human condition, spirituality is reinforced by other close concepts, such as: morality, humanity, mercy, heartfulness, love, freedom, holiness, intelligence.